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GT5P-N30SA100, GT5P-N60SA100, GT5P-N3MA100, GT5P-N10MA100, GT5P-N6MA100, GT5P-N1SA200, GT5P-N6SA200, GT5P-N10SA200, GT5P-N30SA200, GT5P-N60SA200, 
GT5P-N10MA200, GT5P-N6MA200, GT5P-N3MA200, GT5P-N1SAD24, GT5P-N6SAD24, GT5P-N10SAD24, GT5P-N30SAD24, GT5P-N6MAD24, GT5P-N10MAD24, GT5P-N10SD12, 
GT5P-N30SD12, GT5P-N60SD12, GT5P-N10MD12, GT5P-F3SA100, GT5P-F10SA100, GT5P-F3SA200, GT5P-F10SA200, GT5P-F3SAD24, GT5P-F10SAD24, GT5P-F3SD12, GT5P-F10SD12,
GT5P-P3SA100, GT5P-P3SA200, GT5P-P10SA200, GT5P-P3SAD24, GT5P-P10SAD24, SP2P-06A, SP2P-05A, SP2P-05C, SFA-202PN20, SFA-203PN20, SR2P-511, SR2P-70, RH1B,  RH2B,
RH3B,  RH4B,   RH1B-05, RH2B-05, RH3B-05, RH4B-05, RH1B-05C, RH2B-05C, RH3B-05C, RH4B-05C, RH1B-51, RH2B-51, RH3B-51,  RH4B-51, RH1B-62, RH2B-62, RH3B-62, RH4B-62,
GT5Y-2SN1A100, GT5Y-2SN3A100, GT5Y-2SN6A100, GT5Y-2SN1A200, GT5Y-2SN3A200, GT5Y-2SN6A200, GT5Y-2SN1D12, GT5Y-2SN3D12, GT5Y-2SN6D12, GT5Y-2SN1D24, 
GT5Y-2SN3D24, GT5Y-2SN6D24, GT5Y-4SN1A100, GT5Y-4SN3A100, GT5Y-4SN6A100, GT5Y-4SN1A200, GT5Y-4SN3A200, GT5Y-4SN6A200, GT5Y-4SN3D20, GT5Y-4SN1D24, 
GT5Y-4SN3D24, GT5Y-4SN6D24, GT5Y-2SV1A100, GT5Y-2SV1D12, GT5Y-2SV1D24, GT5Y-4SV1A100, GT5Y-4SV1D24, GT5Y-2SF1A100, GT5Y-4SF1A200, GT5Y-4SF1D24, 
SY4S-05A, SY4S-05C, SY4S-05D, SY4S-05DF, SU2S-11L, SU4S-11L, SM2S-05A, SM2S-05C, SM2S-05D, SM2S-05DF, SFA-202, SFA511, SY4S-51, SY4S-61, SM2S-51, SM2S-61, 
SFA-302, PS6R-F24, PS6P-G24, PS6R-J24, PS9Z-6RM1, PS9Z-6RM2, PS9Z-6RM3, PS9Z-6RM4, PS9Z-6RM5, PS9Z-6RM6, PS9Z-6RS1, PS9Z-6R1F, PS9Z-6R2F, PS9Z-6CPN05,
BAA1000PN10, BAP1000PN10, BNL6PN10, PS5R-SB05, PS5R-SB12, PS5R-SB24, PS5R-SC12, PS5R-SC24, PS5R-SE24, PS5R-SF24, PS5R-SG24, BAA1000, BAP1000, BNL5, BNL5PN10,
BNL6, PS9Z-5R1B, PS9Z-5R2B, PS9Z-5R1C, PS9Z-5R1E, PS9Z-5R1G, 

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    ประเภทสินค้า : Relay Part No. DPDT Coil Voltage Code Unit Price RU2S A24,A110,A200,A220 230.00 D6,D12,D24,D48,D110 RU2S-D1 D6,D12,D24,D48,D110 310.00 RU2S-C A24,A110,...

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    ประเภทสินค้า : Electronic Timees Time Range Code Magnification Time Range 10H 1S 0.1 sec. to 1 sec. 10S 1 sec. to 10 sec. 1M 0.1 min. to 1 min. 10M 1 min. to 10 min. 1...

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    ประเภทสินค้า : Multi-function Timers Operating Voltage Part No. Socket Unit Price 100 to 240V AC GT3A-1AF20 SR2P-05A 1,420.00 100 to 240V AC GT3A-2AF20 SR2P-06A 1,550.00 ...

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    ประเภทสินค้า : GT5P Miniature Electronic Timees Time Range Operating Voltage Part No. (Ordering No.) Unit Price 3S 100 to 120V AC GT5P-N3SA100 1,100.00 10S 100 to 120V AC GT...

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    ประเภทสินค้า : PS5R-S Switching Power Supplies Output Capacity Part No. Unit Price 10W PS5R-SB05 3,240.00 15W PS5R-SB12 3,030.00 PS5R-SB24 3,030.00 30W PS5R-SC12 3,560.0...

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    ประเภทสินค้า : Pushbuttons 22 MM HW Contact Part No. Button Color Code Unit Price 1NO HW1B-M1 10 Spceify a button color 430.00 1NC HW1B-M1 01 code in place 430.00 1NO-1NC ...

  • ประเภทสินค้า : Accessories Style Type No. Unit Price For Flush pushbuttons OC-31 100.00 OC-32 100.00 Rubber OCS-11 190.00 OC-11 210.00 Terminal cover HW-VL2 10.00 ...

  • ประเภทสินค้า : Terminal Blocks Code Price Unit BN15MW 16A 1,700.00 BN15LW 21A 1,700.00 BNH15MW 16A 1,900.00 BNH15LW 21A 1,900.00 BN30W 40A 2,300.00 BNH30W 40A 2,650...
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